Silicon Neural Probes 3-D Arrays Optogenetics Drug Delivery
Multi-Functional 3-D silicon neural probe arrays for combined optogenetics and drug delivery
Sometimes, recording one brain region alone just isn’t enough... Sometimes using just one research technique in isolation just doesn’t quite cut it... There are a number of 3-D arrays out there, although their inflexible, pre-configured architecture usually forces you to record in one brain region at a time and they cannot reach much beneath the cortex. Worse still, these arrays don’t easily combine with other mainstream tools such as optogenetic stimulation or drug-delivery. Our unique silicon probe and Nano-Drive system overcomes all of these traditional drawbacks in a single, turn-key solution, enabling you to build your own 3-D silicon probe arrays and to convert them into multi-functional arrays with optogenetics and drug delivery! User-configurable 3-D probe arrays able to reach deep structures Seamless co-alignment of probes with fibre optic and drug delivery cannulas Small footprint allowing you to mount multiple multi-functional arrays per animal Our innovative silicon probes are stackable, allowing each Nano-Drive to carry multiple probes, in addition to fibre optic cannulas and drug delivery cannulas. The small footprint of our nano-drives at just 2 x 4 mm allows you to closely space multiple drives per animal each with your defined 3-D arrays. Stackable silicon neural probes - innovative stacking architecture of multiple probes at 350 micron intervals to create user-defined 3-D arrays. User-definable offset - total freedom to choose vertical and horizontal offsets for probe stacks; easily configure arrays to suit particular target anatomy Scalable arrays -  no limit to the number of stacked probes - easily build high-channel count systems. Optogenetics - co-align probes with single or twin fibre optic cannulas across 5 different positions with respect to probe shanks; 350 microns separation between probes and fibres. See our optogenetics-optimised silicon neural probes. Drug delivery - co-align probes with a drug delivery cannula (28 AWG, 350 micron separation) and a fibre optic cannula! Multiple brain regions - easily co-mount multiple drives per animal for large-scale network targeting.
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In-vivo Performance
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Silicon Neural Probes: Acute and Chronic Microdrives

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2 probes + 2 nano-drives 64 channels bilateral orbitofrontal cortex click video icon to see data from this rat
4 probes +  4 nano-drives 256 channels bilateral prefrontal cortex + hippocampus scale drawing on a rat skull
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