Cambridge NeuroTech Founder and CEO, Tahl Holtzman PhD.

We don’t just provide technology.... we also provide direct hands-on training and support allowing you to speed-up your adoption of our new technologies and avoid unnecessary headaches and delays. With over 15 years of experience covering anaesthetised, head-fixed and freely behaving electrophysiology, behavioural pharmacology and optogenetics, alongside technology and tool development, Dr Holtzman can rapidly develop complex surgical and experimental strategies to place your experiments at the forefront of cutting-edge technological limits. Moreover, you can even benefit from on-site support to get your entire system up and running in a matter of days!

The best technology for all!

Our philosophy is to open up convenient access to the very latest in advanced electrophysiology techniques, previously the preserve of only a handful of expert labs around the world. We lead the way with brain-interfacing technology yet keep our systems as “turn-key” as possible. However, surgical technique can have a substantial bearing on chronic implant success although with best-practice techniques our chronic probe performance can reliably out-compete other technologies. Complete systems - We can work closely with you to design and build your electrophysiology / optogenetics lab, fully equipping you with advanced multi-functional electrophysilogical systems proven to work in both anaesthetised and freely behaving animals from mice to monkeys. Whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned-pro, we can provide advice and one-to-one on-site surgical training. Our turn-key philosophy doesn’t end with just equipment! Advice and training on spike-sorting approaches and data analysis techniques Advice on direct integration with optogenetics and behavioural pharmacology Grant support - Letters of Support, help and advice in framing the technology to specific proposals

No other company can provide seamless expert support across this variety of technological and

biological levels, saving you many weeks of start-up time and speeding up your data acquisition

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