High-resolution microdrives for chronic silicon neural probes combined with fibre-optic / dug cannulae and 3-D probe arrays
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In-vivo Performance
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NANO-DRIVE - the world’s smallest chronic microdrive
Silicon Neural Probes: Acute and Chronic
Smallest, most accurate drives ever made - 2 x 4 mm footprint, 0.5 grams, 205 microns / turn with 5 mm travel; small enough to place multiple drives even on a mouse. Precision engineering - robust design ensures accuracy and allows drives to be reused. Silicon neural probe compatible - purpose-designed to guarantee easy alignment with drive axis. 3-D silicon neural probe arrays - innovative stacking architecture for multiple silicon neural probes at 350 micron intervals to create user-defined 3-D arrays with ease. Optogenetics - easily co-align our optogenetics-optimised silicon neural probes with single or twin fibre optic cannulas across 5 different positions with respect to probe shanks; 350 microns separation between probes and fibres. Drug delivery - easily co-align a guide-cannula (28 AWG to accommodate 30 AWG injector) and silicon neural probes (350 micron separation) for combined electrophysiology with pharmacology. Compact implants - easily co-mount multiple drives per animal for large-scale, multi-loci network targeting and keep head-pieces minimally-sized to facilitate natural behaviour.
guaranteed  probe alignment stereotaxic holder
2 x probes + nano-drives - 64 channels click video icon to see data from this rat
Designed to mate with our innovative silicon neural probes to allow precision movement in freely behaving animals, our Nano- Drive offers you convenient co-alignment fibre optics and drug cannulas with out silicon neural probes as well as enabling you to build you own custom 3-D silicon neural probe arrays too!
fibre optic cannula alignment with silicon probes (click to enlarge)

Advanced Electrophysiology Systems
Robotic Surgery Multi-Function Probes: 3-D Record + Opto + Drugs Wireless Optogenetics & Electrophysiology