Advanced Electrophysiology Systems

Built around our world-leading silicon neural probe technology

Ready-Made optrodes


Take a closer look at our ready-made, reusable and minimally-invasive acute optrodes for single unit electrophysiology + optogenetics. Available with a choice of fibers for surface- and deep-brain illumination, in combination with our silicon neural probes.

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You'll have skills in in-vivo neurophysiology with experience of optogenetics, behavioural neuroscience and surgical techniques. We'll keep you busy with a wide range of scientific problem-solving in helping our diverse user-community adapt and exploit our tools and technologies in their own experiments.

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high-res laminar recording


See our newest laminar H3 silicon neural probe in action spanning CA1 to dentate gyrus with 20 micron resolution. The rich dataset of single units and high resolution laminar LFP activity is truly impressive! See more in-vivo data here.

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See what our user-community has to say about their experiences with our technology...
Sarah Fox
""These probes offer the best signal quality we have seen in this region of the brain to date, lots of beautiful and sortable spikes.""

Sarah Fox

Lab of Rasmus Petersen, University of Manchester, UK

Brain Area: VPM Thalamus. Species: Mouse (head-fixed)

Sara Aton
""My students and I unanimously prefer these probes over various others that we have tried. The signal to noise ratio is excellent, and the design is sturdy and robust. For acute recordings, these are the best-engineered and most user-friendly probes I've worked with.""

Sara Aton

Lab Head, University of Michigan, USA

Brain area: Hippocampus. Species: Mice

Sam Reiter
""The signal looks nice, I haven’t gotten very many single units but I expect that is a lizard specific problem.""

Sam Reiter

Lab of Gilles Laurent, Max Planck Institute Frankfurt, Germany.

Brain Area: medial cortex. Species: Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)