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Our neuroscientist-designed range of silicon neural probes are optimized for large-scale single unit recording combined with optogenetics in freely-behaving, head-fixed and anaesthetised animals.

  • Superior signal to noise performance and minimal sensitivity to photoelectric artefacts enable our probes to generate high-quality single unit and LFP data in a wide range of experimental preparations spanning in vitro brain organoids to freely-behaving primates.
  • Exceptional long-term in vivo stability with minimally-invasive probes and tiny, lightweight chronic nano-Drives enables stable, high-yield single unit recording for weeks to months
  • Our ultra-small, implantable digital headstages facilitate free-behaviour with our probes and are plug-n-play most major data-capture systems

Upgrade your experiments and join us as we push the boundaries of modern of neuroscience with new tools and improved techniques.

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Tahl Holtzman Ph.D., Founder and CEO

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"For our application combining chronic imaging and electrophysiology, 3-D chronic probe stacks mounted on nano-Drives are unparalleled... allowing high signal-to-noise, high-density recording across multiple regions. Our project would not be possible without this technology."
Gyorgy Buzsaki

Gyorgy Buzsaki

Lab Head, NYU School of Medicine, New York, USA

Brain Area: cortex Species: Mouse