Scalable Wired and Wireless Headstages for Electrophysiology and Optogenetics

Free your animals and expand your experiments!

Take advantage of our range of next-generation miniature wired and wireless digital headstages designed for recording 64 channels and beyond with integrated optogenetics!


Super-small, lightweight and space-saving...

Small-sized and light enough for song-birds and upwards - removing bulky and stiff Omnetics connectors from the equation saves both size and weight, enabling pre-amplification and digitisation to be performed on-head with a direct connection to your wired tether. With footprint starting at 3 x 7 mm for 64 channels, you can not only reduce implant size but can even double-up for 128 channels across multiple brain targets in mouse ! (requires 2 x 64 mini-amp-64's).

On-skull recoverable headstages with multi-functional Add-ons...

Upgrade and customize your headstage with a range of modules comprising 9 axis inertial measurement + gyro, ultra-sound microphone, optogenetic stimulation (up to 4 different colours) and electrical microstimuation (up to 4 channels). Your miniature headstage will remain with your animal until the end of your experiment - you will then recover and re-use the headstage on your next subject.


Plug n play with our range of Molex probes...

Any of our silicon neural probes can be built with compatible Molex connectors, which mate directly with the miniature headstage family.


High-channel count, multi-target implants for even the smallest animals...

Expand your experiments by using >1 probe to address multiple brain regions in parallel, and / or take full advantage of our chronic 3-D probe stacks whilst allowing your animals to be free from cumbersome tethers and commutators. Choose from micro-tethered or fully-wireless to facilitate free, natural behaviours spanning locomotion, social interaction, sleep, epilepsy, operant conditioning and more.


Spikes, LFP, ECoG and EEG... Record hundreds of channels alongside integrated Opto- / Electrical-Stimulation with a host of other Add-on features...

Easily record hundreds of channels @ 25 ksps/s per channel with a modular, scalable headstage system that is plug n play with our Molex chronic probes. The system is designed to grow with you as your experiments expand and so represents a cost-effective solution to upgrade your recording capacity without breaking the bank! Customisation is straightforward with a range of interchangeable modules to integrate additional functionality to your tethered or wireless headstage systems, including multi-channel optogenetic and electrical stimulation; thereby removing the need for (and saving your the cost of) external light-sources, commutators and current source generators!

Wireless endurance...

Real-time monitoring and digital data logging with an RMS noise floor of 2.0 µV ensures clean data throughout. Recording duration depends on the selected wireless data-logger capacity vs. number of channels and sampling rate. Continuous recording for over 2 weeks @ 1000 ksps/s/ x 64 ch. is achievable and the use of 'standby mode' can further extend this for epoch-based recording during longer time-spans.

*Example weights above are for 2 hrs recording at 25 ksps/s; alternative battery options available for shorter (weight saving) or longer duration requirements,

Boleslaw Osinski
"The signal to noise ratio on these probes is so good that we were immediately able to detect small amplitude spikes after a first pass of the raw data traces through the KlustaSuite! I was astonished at how easy it was to detect spikes with these probes, especially after many failed attempts with hand made tetrodes."

Boleslaw Osinski

Lab of Leslie Kay, University of Chicago, USA

Brain area: Olfactory bulb Species: Rat

We let our data speak for itself!

Judge for yourself how good our signal to noise performance is in this short video of live data from a 32 channel probe in a freely behaving rat.

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Download our Catalog

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