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Welcome to our Knowledge Base! This new area of the website contains privileged resources relating to best-practices for using our silicon neural probes in a wide variety of experimental settings.

Neural Probe Techniques Webinars

Join us for a tour de force webinar series discussing a range of neuro-techniques and best practices for using our silicon neural probes in a variety of experimental settings and species from in vitro to head-fixed to free-behaving.

Learn first-hand from experts in the field as they describe their own experimental challenges and how they addressed them using our neural probes. Each online workshop includes an interactive Q+A session and panel discussion too.

Probe-Use Protocols

We've compiled a set of best-practice guides covering a range of common usage-applications for our silicon neural probes. We'll be adding new content here soon - if you would like us to cover a particular topic, please let us know.


File Tags
Acute Probe User Guide Cleaning Di-I Dye Marking Penetrating Dura / Dura-Gel
Chronic Implant Protocol Quick Reference Mounting Probes on nano-Drives Optrode Assembly Surgery Multi-Target Implants Durotomy and Repair
Dura Gel User Guide Durotomy and Repair Head-Fixed Chronic Implants Imaging
Working With Di I And Di D Dyes Di-I Dye Marking Track Marking
Mini Amp 64 User Guide Headstages Chronic Implants EEG / EMG