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If you're thinking about purchasing our technology or simply want to know more about how our tool-sets can work for you, then shoot us an email with your query and we'll get back to you promptly. We may suggest setting up a dedicated conference call to have a tailored discussion around your specific needs and to help you select the most appropriate solutions. You'll always deal with an expert and our core philosophy is to provide support at all stages of your adoption of our tool-sets - you can expect us to care to about your experiments as much as you do!

Having begun his career in academia, Founder and CEO Dr. Tahl Holtzman brings an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and surgical approaches relevant to recording complex, multi-modal signals from both central and peripheral nervous systems in a variety of animal models from small rodents to large-animal laboratory species. His expertise covers all manner of multi-electrode recording techniques relevant to anesthetized, head-fixed and freely behaving animals, and extending to behavioral pharmacology and optogenetics, alongside neuroscience tool and technique development.

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Our objective is to open up convenient access to the very latest in advanced electrophysiology techniques, usually the preserve of a handful of expert labs around the world. We lead the way by offering a "go-to" portal for the latest in brain-interfacing technology whilst keeping our systems as “turn-key” as possible. In parallel, we also provide the necessary support on on implementing best-practice experimental and surgical techniques to ensure you enjoy our tool-sets to their fullest potential.

  • Complete systems - We can work closely with you to design and build your combined electrophysiology and optogenetics lab, fully equipping you with advanced multi-functional electrophysiology systems proven to work in both anesthetized and freely behaving animals from mice to monkeys.
  • Surgical support & technique implementation - Whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned-veteran, we can provide guidance surgery, and direct integration of electrophysiology with optogenetics and behavioral pharmacology. Our turn-key philosophy doesn’t end with just equipment!
  • Data analysis - Guidance and advice on spike-sorting approaches and data analysis techniques
  • Grant support - Letters of Support, help and advice in framing the technology to specific proposals

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