Silicon Neural Probes

World-leading silicon neural probes engineered for high-yield single unit electrophysiology with optogenetics

Our neuroscientist-designed range of silicon neural probes are optimized for large-scale single unit recording combined with optogenetics in freely-behaving, head-fixed and anaesthetised animals ranging from mice to monkeys and more.

Cambridge NeuroTech Silicon Neural Probes for electrophysiology and optogenetics

Enjoy exceptional long-term in vivo stability and record from the same neurons for weeks to months, with minimally-invasive dimensions and seamless integration with our small-footprint chronic nano-Drives for combined electrophysiology + optogenetics.

We don't just provide great probes, we also make reusable, implantable ultra-small digital headstages, allowing you to create very compact and lightweight implants thereby facilitating naturalistic behaviour in the pushing your data-gathering to the limits in the smallest of animals!

Cambridge NeuroTech mini-amp-64 digital headstages for electrophysiology in mice and rats

Benefiting from superior signal to noise performance along with minimal sensitivity to photoelectric artefacts, our silicon neural probes enable highly quality single unit and local field potential data in a wide range of experimental preparations spanning in vitro brain organoids to freely-behaving primates.

Record ACROSS and ALONG multiple cell layers

We offer a diverse variety of probes spanning from 150 - 3150 microns, with a range of probe geometries (check out our catalog for more details) and in each case, electrodes are arranged in poly-electrode grids to ensure high-resolution single unit recording and superior spike-sorting power.

Our innovative 128-channel probes offer a wide range of probe geometries to suit a variety of brain targets and are available as single- or double-sided variants, where extra recording density is desired, typically offering up to ~50% increase in single unit yield (see Science paper here).


We ONLY make SMALL probes... using our advanced manufacturing technology we can keep overall probe dimensions to a minimum (<80 microns shank-width for 64 channels) ensuring our silicon neural probes are minimally-invasive without sacrificing recording resolution and thus open up new horizons for high-resolution single unit recording and current-source-density analysis across and along cell layers.


Choose from bespoke 3-D probe stacking to create your dream-probe, along with breakout-wires for LFP, EEG / EMG recording and enjoy dura-penetrating probes with our sharpened probe tips; moreover, you'll also notice much less tissue drag as you descend to target too.


We offer a variety of options for using our silicon neural probes in acute or chronic experiments and we are plug & play with all of the mainstream headstage pre-amplifier and data-acquisition solutions on the market.


High-resolution laminar recording in the hippocampus

See data from an H3 probe spanning rat CA1 to dentate gyrus with 20 micron resolution.

Ultra-thin robust probes - strength through flexibility

At only 15 microns thin, our silicon neural probes minimize tissue damage and enhance chronic performance - they're also really robust (i.e. grad-student proof!).

Drew Maurer
"The signal quality of these probes with TDT Zif-Clip connectors is superb; we've been implanting them as fast as we can get our hands on them. The amount of data that becomes unusable due to noise is dramatically reduced compared to some of the other probes we've used in the past. "

Drew Maurer

Lab Head, University of Florida, USA

Brain area: Hippocampus Species: Rat


Multi-probe and multi-target solutions

Using multiple probes in one target and / or across multiple targets brings exponential value-add to your data yield and quality but it's not always been easy to see how to achieve that goal... until now. Find out in 60s just how painless it can be to up-scale your experiments...

Cambridge NeuroTech silicon neural probes for multiple brain targets


Why you should use our next-generation silicon neural probe technology...

Our silicon neural probes offer exceptional performance for both acute and chronic experiments, encompassing:

  • Superior chronic stability - unrivalled in vivo longevity - record the neurons you want across many days to weeks in freely behaving animals.
  • Optogenetics-safe - the only silicon neural probes on the market with minimized sensitivity to photo-electric artefacts making them the optimal choice for single unit recording + optogenetics.
  • Best-in-class signal to noise ratio - stabilized microelectrodes with typical 50 kOhm impedance; ~2x - 10x better than the competition!
  • Microdrive compatible - designed to fit our chronic nano-Drives with guaranteed alignment with drive-axis and convenient co-alignment with optrodes and fluidic cannulae.
  • Ultra-thin, robust and with sharpened-tips for dura-penetration - 15 micron thin silicon neural probes with minimal footprint yet still able to withstand considerable stress without breaking; super sharp tips capable of penetrating rodent dura.
  • Long-term reusable - acute probes and optrodes offering multiple re-uses across many months.
  • Proven technology - our silicon neural probes are used in everything from mice to monkeys - read a recent Nature paper using our probes.


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Gyorgy Buzsaki
"For our application combining chronic imaging and electrophysiology, 3-D chronic probe stacks mounted on nano-Drives are unparalleled... allowing high signal-to-noise, high-density recording across multiple regions. Our project would not be possible without this technology."

Gyorgy Buzsaki

Lab Head, NYU School of Medicine, New York, USA

Brain Area: cortex Species: Mouse

Learn from the Experts

Learn first-hand from experts in the field as they describe their own experimental challenges and how they addressed them using our neural probes. Each online workshop includes an interactive Q+A session and panel discussion too.

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Chronic Probe Implant Protocol

Learn how to implant our chronic nano-Drives and probes (+/- fiber optics) to form compact, low-profile implants

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We let our data speak for itself!

Judge for yourself how good our signal to noise performance is in this short video of live data from a 32 channel probe in a freely behaving rat.

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Browse our complete range of tools; find your ideal probes and accessories

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