​Automatic impedance testing and electroplating for probes

Quickly test and track impedance on your probes

Easy to use and ideal for both acute and and chronic probes, the nanoZ is designed to allow rapid, non-destructive impedance testing of the electrode arrays on our silicon neural probes. The nanoZ can also be used for electroplating when it comes to reconditioning used probes too.

  • Simply plug the nanoZ into the computer (USB), install the software suite, and you’re ready to go.
  • Accurately impedance test a 64-channel probe in 30 seconds.
  • Make your own custom testing or electroplating platform with the included Matlab SDK for Windows or Mac.

An intuitive user interface makes the nanoZ easy to use. In addition to manual operation, several fully automated modes are pre-programmed, including: whole-electrode impedance diagnostics, electrode impedance spectroscopy, electrode site cleaning/rejuvenation, and electroplating with precise control over current magnitude and time (e.g. for multichannel impedance matching, or delivering electrical current for lesioning or tissue marking). The test signals and electroplating waveforms are fully configurable. Virtual DMM and oscilloscope displays provide user feedback.

Compatible with a range of probe connectors

The nanoZ uses 40-pin Samtec connectors that are pin-compatible with all of 16, 32- and 64-channel acute silicon probes whereas for chronic probes we offer adaptors for probes with Omnetics connectors and Molex connectors too, so you'll be able to connect any probes to the nanoZ, although why you would want to use anything other than our probes is a mystery to us 😉).


  • 64 channels - 1 kΩ ~ 100 MΩ working range
  • 1 Hz ~ 5 kHz test frequencies
  • 1 kΩ display resolution, 1 % accuracy or better for 5 kΩ ~ 15 MΩ electrodes at test frequencies < 2 kHz
  • Low (nanoamp) test currents suitable for in vitro or in vivo testing
  • Constant current electroplating ±12 μA range, ±5 V compliance
  • Intuitive graphical user interface makes the nanoZ easy to use
  • Free software development kit for Matlab for developing custom user applications

NanoZ User Guide

NanoZ Software installer