Ultra-Small Digital Headstages for Electrophysiology

Free your animals and expand your experiments!

Next-generation mini-amp-64 miniature digital headstages for high-channel-count electropysiology in the smallest of behaving animals.

64 - 128 channel electrophysiology in freely-behaving songbirds and mice...

Our implantable and reusable miniature digital headstage removes the 'industry standard' Omnetics connectors from your implants - these are bulky and mechanically stiff to connect / disconnect, thereby imparting significant mechanical stress to your implants and consequently reducing single unit yields. Paired with our silicon neural probes, at only 0.4 grams and within a small-footprint (3x7 mm), our mini-amp-64 enables 64 - 128 channel electrophysiology in behaving songbirds and mice, upwards. Data is digitised on-skull and fed-out via an easy-to-connect digital tether cable direct in to your existing data-acquistion system... space and weight saved, mechanical-stress avoided and high-channel count electrophysiology opened up for the smallest of lab animals - what's not to love?!

Electrophysiology re-imagined.... upgrade your exisiting headstages and free your animals!


See how our Mini-Amp-64 measures up against the traditional 64-channel Omnetics-based headstages - here is a comparison on a MOUSE SKULL:mini-amp-64-on-mouse.gif#asset:2174

On-skull re-usable headstages with multi-functional features...

A protective 3-D printed cradle houses the mini-amp-64 whilst implanted and allows for straightforward recovery and re-use the headstage on your next subject. Built-in features include 3-axis XYZ accelerometer, +3V and GND for user-attached sensors / LEDs and additional analog inputs for EEG / EMG wires too. Any of our silicon neural probes can be built with compatible Molex connectors, which mate directly with the mini-amp-64. When combined with our probes (weight = 0.1g) and our ultra-small chronic nano-Drives (weight = 0.4g) you can assemble a truly small and lightweight chronic implant, which in turn will facilitate free-behaviour in your animals.


Up-gradable plug-n-play with existing data-acquisition systems...

The mini-amp-64 can used as a 'swap-out' for your existing Omnetics-based digital headstages from any of the following manufacturers: Open Ephys, Intan, Neuralynx, Plexon and Tucker-Davis Technologies. As an upgrade to your existing system this will allow you to take full advantage of the space and weight-saving features of the mini-amp-64 and the benefits that brings to free-behaviour, with minimal disruption to your existing workflow and setup.

Through the use of a dual-headstage adapter, a pair of 64 channel mini-amp-64's can be coupled to a single digital SPI tether cable too; thereby facilitating dual-target implants with 128 channel capacity.

Chronic Probe Implant Protocol

Chronic Probe Implant Protocol

Learn how to implant our chronic nano-Drives and probes (+/- fiber optics) to form compact, low-profile implants

We let our data speak for itself!

Judge for yourself how good our signal to noise performance is in this short video of live data from a 32 channel probe in a freely behaving rat.

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