Wireless Electrophysiology and Optogenetics

Free your experiments and your animals!

Allow your animals the freedom to exhibit natural behaviour with the power of fully wireless, high-channel count electrophysiology and optogenetics, free from cumbersome tethers and commutators.

Wireless-enabled silicon neural probes - record and stimulate

Our silicon neural probes  are readily combined with wireless electrophysiology and wireless optogenetics since they are purpose-engineered to suppress photoelectric artefacts, making them the ideal partnering tool to give you an all-in-one wireless solution for high-channel count electrophysiology and optogenetics. Both you and your animals will benefit from wireless optogenetics, allowing you to escape the bottleneck of 1 laser : 1 animal by running multiple animals simultaneously, free from stiff fibre optic patch cords and expensive rotary joints requiring supervision during experiments. 

  • Free your animals - facilitate free, natural behaviour spanning locomotion, social interaction, sleep, epilepsy, operant conditioning and more.
  • Spikes, LFP and EEG - record up to 128 channels @ 50 kHz per channel; suitable for mice upwards.
  • Silicon neural probe compatible  -  plug & play with our world-leading silicon neural probes - watch this video of live spike data via wireless recording.
  • Wireless power - ideal for long-duration, unsupervised experiments and high-throughput.
  • Noise resistant and minimal setup effort - minimal sensitivity to 50 / 60 Hz mains noise (no shielding required); no tether artefacts.
  • Multiple systems in parallel - increased throughput with multiple non-overlapping radio frequencies in the same environment. 
  • Implantable micro-LEDs - real-time, independent timing and brightness control offering up to 33 mW @ 465 nm (<0.5 C for full power); orthogonal light emission enabling depth-specific illumination.
  • Combo - Stim & Record - integrated headstages or individual stand-alone capabilities

Wireless Optogenetics in action

Live demo of wireless optogenetics in action in a D1-Cre::ChR2 mouse with a micro-LED implant in the dorsal striatum.

Wireless electrophysiology in action

A short video showing a single channel of live spike data in a freely behaving mouse.