Silicon Neural Probes

World-leading silicon neural probes enabling high-yield single unit electrophysiology combined with optogenetics

Frustrated by poor chronic performance of your silicon neural probes? Broken too many expensive, fragile silicon neural probes? Data contaminated by optogenetic photo-electric artefacts?

Our silicon neural probes are the only probes around that are purpose-engineered for combined electrophysiology and optogenetics, with minimal photoelectric artifacts and enhanced signal to noise ratio. Our innovative probe architecture enables guaranteed alignment between our silicon neural probes and our chronic nano-Drives with co-alignment with fiber optic cannulas too.

Next-generation silicon neural probe technology

Our silicon neural probes offer exceptional performance for both acute and chronic experiments, encompassing:

  • Superior chronic stability - unrivalled in vivo longevity - record the neurons you want across many days to weeks in freely behaving animals.
  • Optogenetics-safe - the only silicon neural probes on the market with minimized sensitivity to photo-electric artefacts making them the optimal choice for single unit recording + optogenetics.
  • Best-in-class signal to noise ratio - stabilized microelectrodes with typical 50 kOhm impedance; ~2x - 10x better than the competition!
  • Microdrive compatible - designed to fit our nano-Drives with guaranteed alignment with drive-axis and convenient co-alignment with fiber optics and fluidic cannulae.
  • Ultra-thin yet robust -15 micron thin silicon neural probes with narrow shank-width for minimal tissue damage yet still able to withstand considerable stress without breaking.
  • Long-term reusable - acute probes offering multiple re-uses across many months.
  • Proven technology - our silicon neural probes are used in everything from mice to monkeys - read a recent Nature paper using our probes.

Our probes make it in to Nature...

Read a recent Nature paper which uses our silicon neural probes in freely-behaving mice - see Figures 4, 5 & 6

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Data speaks for itself!

Watch this short video of live data from a 32 channel probe in a freely behaving rat, using our wireless telemetry

Our advanced silicon neural probe microelectrodes

Our neuroscientist-designed range of silicon neural probe microelectrodes are optimized for single unit recording in anesthetized, head-fixed and freely-behaving animals for those wanting to record along cell layers (P, E and F style probes), or across multiple cell layers (H2, H3 & H4 probes). Our unique H1 probe caters to those wanting to record the smallest units in the brain (i.e. granule cells) by offering an ultra-high-density electrode array.

Cambridge NeuroTech silicon neural probe microelectrode styles

Cambridge NeuroTech silicon neural probe microelectrode styles

All of our silicon neural probes record single units along with local field potential (LFP) signals too. Our innovative H2, H3 and H4 silicon neural probes also facilitate high resolution current source density analysis across multiple cell layers too.... we've pretty much got all the bases covered!

High-resolution laminar recording in the hippocampus

See data from an H3 probe spanning rat CA1 to dentate gyrus with 20 micron resolution.

Ultra-thin robust probes

At only 15 microns thin, our silicon neural probes minimize tissue damage and enhance chronic performance - they're also really robust (i.e. grad-student proof!).

Long-term single unit recording in freely behaving rat

See spike-sorted data recorded 60 days post-implant and after 30 days in the same location.

Plug & play pre-amplifier headstage connector options

We offer a variety of options for using our silicon neural probes in acute or chronic experiments and we are plug & play with all of the mainstream headstage pre-amplifier and data-acquisition solutions on the market.

Our acute silicon neural probes are mounted on a convenient printed circuit board allowing for straightforward mounting on a micro-manipulator and with appropriate cleaning your acute silicon neural probe can be reused many times.

Our chronic silicon neural probes are built around a highly flexible cable allowing in-brain adjustment of the probe with our innovative chronic nano-Drives. We offer a range of connector solutions using Omnetics connectors and Molex connectors to enable highly-scalable, multi-probe implants in even the smallest of freely-behaving animals.

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Download our Catalog...

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Our silicon neural probes are plug-n-play with all mainstream headstage pre-amplifiers: